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I wish I had a big brother.

Ever since I was a very little girl, I wished for a big brother. It felt like every kid in the world had a big brother except me. I got stuck with two younger sisters, which back then was okay, but as we got older, it fucking sucked. So much bitchiness and nastiness.

I never got the chance to know what having a big brother felt like. I never got to play the Playstation with a big brother, I never had a big brother to protect me from bullies, I never got to play wrestle with a big brother, I never got to watch wrestling with a big brother, I never got tickle tortured by a big brother, I never got to crawl into a big brother’s bed when I got scared at night time.

I never got to know what a big brother hug feels like.

I just never got the chance to have that big brother/little sister relationship and I’ve been pining for it for years. Just to feel that warmth and protection and fun that only a big brother can give you, you know?

Some people with older brothers who might be reading this will probably think I’m mad. But it doesn’t matter.
I just want a big brother. So bad.

That’s the sort of shit I think about at 2:37am anyway.

Posted: Sat April 27th, 2013 at 2:37am
Tagged: I want a big brother Brothers Rant
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